How do I write website content?

Hello everyone

This tool can assist you in writing content on almost any topic in English, Hindi, Vietnamese or Indian languages. This tool supports writing content for websites, from academic lessons to cooking, gaming, and much more!

You just need to provide the main keywords, and the tool will suggest related keywords to help save time. Based on the keywords, this tool automatically writes articles for you. It also supports searching for images, videos, and explaining terms in the article, making the content more rich and complete.

Main features of the tool:

  • Input one or several main keywords for article writing
  • Support 100% automatic writing or writing based on specified outline
  • AI generates articles based on OpenAI (gpt-3.5-tubo)
  • Article length ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 words
  • Support multiple languages: English, Vietnamese, French, Korean, etc.
  • Integrated AI for faster editing
  • Integrated image search for illustration
  • Integrated video search for illustration
  • Manage and post articles on multiple websites
  • Schedule article posting.

Thanks to this tool, I have saved over 60 hours per week.

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