How can I tell if a WordPress theme is well-designed?

Well, this really depends on what the wordpress theme is really meant for. Let’s say you wanna get an SEO agency wordpress theme, the theme will be designed using layouts related with SEO. This might include the illustrations and images used in designing this theme.

But you should always bear in mind that the owner of this themes don’t really know the designs you needed for your website because you didn’t get any free quote from them.

Rather there main objective is to build a theme that corresponds with SEO niche including all the required features needed. Then the designs given fir the theme is just for demo sake, so that you can easily import these demos without having to build from scratch.

So, as the owner of the theme you’re at the main side to customize this theme to your own taste. If this really help, please upvote it. If actually you needed a website designer for your website, don’t be discouraged to hit a chat with me…

Then I could build a professional website for you.

Where can we find free WordPress themes?

  1. The Theme Directory: The theme directory is a great place to find free WordPress themes that have been reviewed and approved by the WordPress community. You can access the directory by visiting or by searching for “free WordPress themes” in your search engine.
  2. Third-party theme marketplaces: Some third-party theme marketplaces, such as ThemeForest, also offer a selection of free WordPress themes, although the majority of themes in these marketplaces are paid.
  3. WordPress Theme Developers: Some WordPress Theme Developers offer some of their themes for free in their website.
  4. Community-contributed themes: Some WordPress developers and enthusiasts contribute their theme work for free on Github, forums and other online communities.

It’s important to keep in mind that while free themes can be a great option for those on a budget, they may be less customizable and not have the same level of support as paid themes. It’s also important to check the review of the theme before you use it, as some free themes may not be as secure or well-coded as others.

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